My signature coaching process is The Reclaiming Your Sexy Sensuality School™ . It's the go to place for women to awaken jaw dropping body confidence, mind blowing sex and unapologetic joy!

The Reclaiming Your Sexy Sensuality School™ offers: 

  • sensual moving meditation (think low intensity yoga with sexy jams)
  • Striptease + Floorwork masterclasses 
  • Non-intimidating Sex Education Classes for Grown Ass Women
  • Masterclasses on Love, Womb Health, Manifesting, Healing Trauma & Much More with World Class Experts
  • A Practical (Aka Non-Dogmatic, Woman-Centered & Anti-Passive Aggressive Rhetoric) Approach to Spirituality to create a well rounded coaching experience to help integrate pleasure into your daily life.

A little teaser of our striptease & floorwork masterclasses

The Reclaiming Your Sexy School is for you if:

  • your sex drive feels non-existent or inconsistent and it's wrecking havoc on your love life. 
  •  you're feeling weighed down by heartbreak from past relationships or current and you're not sure how to move forward.
  • you're grappling with shame around your body image and just want to feel confident and get out of your head. 
  • you want to fully express yourself sexually but whenever you think you will let go something always snaps you back in place.
  • you just want to feel more alive + radiant no matter what happens in your life. you need to shake the funk.

If you said yes to any of the above then you are in the right place.

Our work together will help you get out of your head and finally feel confident + uninhibited not just during sex but also in every area of your life.  I want you to experience the playful + ecstatic joy of feeling free in your sensuality and watch how that freedom spills into your everyday life.

At the heart of the program Reclaiming Your Sexy means to strip off the layers of pain, defeat, doubt and uncertainty that block us from experiencing sex in a way that is meaningful and pleasurable to us as individuals. It means to stop following the rules. It means to erase shame from your past experiences. It means to take charge of the way you desire to make love. It means to finally speak up about your wants and needs. I It means being able to feel pleasure and joy surging through your body and letting it spill over into your life. The more you allow yourself to feel the more deeply you will allow yourself to let go.  It's through awakening our sensuality that we learn the key tools to coming back to life and building stronger relationships.

The method is based on several principles: 

  • This isn't about weight loss or toning up. This is about enjoying the beauty of your body as it is right now. 
  • Your pleasure comes first before you open yourself up for the consumption or entertainment of anyone else.
  • Our joy is the prime ingredient in our sexiness + rediscovering what turns us on in bed and life.
  • You are needed on this earth for your light + vibrancy not for many roles and tasks you can take on from day to day. So it is okay for you to slow down and dedicate uninterrupted time to nourishing your vibrancy.
  • Your pleasure is your self-care and your self-care is not a reward, it is an integral to your survival

Who am I and why did I create the program?

Client Testimonials

Sometimes in life you have experiences that you didn't realize you needed. When I say needed I mean you left the place or situation feeling changed, different or stronger. This was the case for me after the reclaiming your sexy retreat. I cried, laughed, danced and took back apart of me that was lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I'm normally a mom, wife, daughter, friend, social worker, but that night I was an empowered and sexy woman. It was a spiritual encounter! Something comparable to church in that you need to regularly be fed to stay full. If I was able I would make this a weekly occurrence. Thank you Rashida for allowing us to be ourselves safely and learn things about our capabilities we may not have learned otherwise.


“I have to tell you this. Woke up next to my man this morning. I took EVERYTHING OFF...made love, and laid there with not even a blanket....this is BIG...I am usually so quick to cover my body, but I still felt myself on a high from last night and all I heard was revel in the moment! I did just that...”

— - Anonymous

“ The class was awesome for getting me out of my head.”

— C.

“Rashi is AMAZING! I had a private session with her and I have NEVER felt so comfortable in my skin”

— L

Why did I create this program?

Over the last several years I have worked with a number of women who are at that point of transition in their lives and relationships where they knew they needed something, anything to shift. The scenario I played out for you above was only a distant fantasy, one that they voraciously craved to actually exist within. 

More often than not these women haven't been feeling sexy like they use to. Not as uninhibited in bed anymore. Starting to feel themselves settle for living a sort of bland and mundane life and the lack of enthusiasm is affecting everything.

Can you resonate? The problem was that all of these women had gone NUMB. Which is the exact opposite of living in your sensuality. Numbness leads to feeling disconnected, drained and lacking a sense of excitement for life. 

You feel: 

  • Always too tired for sex.

  • Feeling like you have to say yes to sex when you're not in the mood just to please your partner.

  • Questioning your own confidence and authority.

  • 'Giving up' on doing the things that you love to do. 

  • Feeling closed off and tense when you socialize.

  • Snapping atr the smallest problems and spiraling into arguments.

  • Having sex but not climaxing.

  • Working to escape your reality of your home life.

  • Feeling sore and achy all over. Fighting your racing thoughts.

  • Longing to have fun again. Hungry for 'more' out of life.

Reclaiming Your Sexy  will propel you to: 

  • Have the desire to say YES to sex more often

  • Keep the passion + connection alive in between physical intimacy

  • Feel strong + sexy in the body that you have right now

  • Enjoy time with your beloved that is conflict free and easy going

  • Be Open to Multiple Orgasms + Truly Enjoy Sex Once Again

  • Stop hiding behind your work and obligations so you don’t have to feel or be confronted with your reality

  • Feel at home, relaxed and energized in your body. Zoning out to your fave tv show only because you want to not because you’re isolating yourself from the rest of your life

  • Have more fun than you have had in a long time. Think scheduled dates, self-care time, adventure, sisterhood and so much more.

  • Feel calm + without anxiety in your thoughts and able to stop freaking out about what’s going to happen if things don’t change

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