I want to live in a world where women are free from shame + guilt of being tapped into their sexual self. The act of moving through and breaking free from emotional prisons that block our pleasure in our bodies, in bed and life is the essence of becoming a Woman Untamed.

It breaks my heart when I see women stifling their sexiness and holding themselves back. Ultimately hiding their sexuality creates a storm of emotional and physical chaos in our lives. This disconnection leads to punishing ourselves  for the mistakes of the past. Not telling testimonies that we know can help others. Constantly giving to everyone and never taking time for ourselves.  Stuck in the heartbreak of past relationships. Disconnected from our confidence.  And yearning for more but not knowing how to access it. 

I’m frustrated with women walking around sexually dead + emotionally numb because we've been told hiding our vibrancy, being respectable, not asking for what we want, shutting up and mastering this ficade of perfection is the only way to be a good woman.

I’m tired of women not knowing that their sexuality is a overflowing well that can nourish them back to life.. I'm tired of women not knowing how tap back into that strength. 

I want you to know their truth about the purpose + intent of your sexuality. I want you to feel alive again. I want you to feel bold  enough to try again. I want you to chase that dream, fall in love, experience ecstasy, love your body as it is, break up or have the courage to make up, write that book, face your past, embrace a deeper devotion to your calling and your purpose on this earth.  All of it starts with reconnecting to this power that lives in your body.

So, I’ve created the Woman Untamed Method to help you do just that. This community offers women a safe space to shamelessly reconnect to their sexuality + sensuality so we can really access pleasure in our lives and relationships. 

Get ready to dance, dance, dance soulfully and powerfully, with me as your coach. Also: get ready for real discussions, chocolate and lots of champagne with some really amazing & like minded women.

With all my love …

PS: Please note that this space is open to all women (trans* & cis*), gender non-conforming, femme identified individuals. As a Queer Woman of Color it is important for me to stress that this space is available for us all. Hate,judgement and discrimination of any kind is not tolerated in this community.  // *transgender // cisgender