Reclaiming Your Sexy Mastery Retreat - Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
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Reclaiming Your Sexy Mastery Retreat - Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

  • Have you been faced with a major life transition and feel called to really turn your focus inwards on your own needs for once? To get back to the woman you use to be or rediscover yourself completely?
  • Have you ever struggled with feeling like you couldn't walk down the beach in a bikini in the body you have right now?
  • Do you find yourself hiding or toning down your your thoughts, ideas or desires in fear of what other people will think or in fear of not getting what you want?
  • Do you struggle with wanting to express your sexuality and have a strong relationship to your spirituality?
  • Do you wish that you could feel more in confident in your love life? And less like you're waiting on someone to choose you from the crowd?
  • Do you want to experience more adventure, more joy and more pleasure in your everyday life? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions then I want you to join me for the Reclaiming Your Sexy Retreat - Brazil Sojourn. 

Our intention for this sojourn is REBIRTH. 

Whatever transition point you may be facing right not is conquerable.

You were born to move mountains.

You were born to be free.

You were born to experience pleasure.

You were born to have as much joy as possible. 

Our Brazil sojourn will 

In 2008 I had the opportunity to travel to Salvador De Bahia, Brazil for the second time, My first sojourn to Brazil occurred in my preteens but this time I was going as a young adult with a crew of other college students.  I knew before I even ventured that this journey was going to be life changing. When I got to Brazil I decided that I was going to wear my first Bikini. I had never worn a Bikini in my life.


Growing up as a dancer my body has always been *stacked* big thighs, breast and hips for days. I also had a stomach. I heard so many messages growing up around what the “perfect body” looked like being saturated in pre-professional dance training. Looking back I see that I was in a constant battle proving myself worthy because of my size. When I got to Brazil this time I decided I wanted to have a new experience with my body. I got out my little yellow Brazilian Bikini and strolled down the beach with a friend. While walking this man stopped his entire soccer game to bow at my feet. Now this was the typical street harassment. He was totally respectful and didn’t violate any of my boundaries.


After this day I spent the rest of the trip rocking short shorts, crop tops, short skirts and more bikinis you name it. I came back home with a new confidence. I wanted to feel the same way I did in my body on the beach that I did walking across my college campus. From this experience my work as a sensuality coach and erotic dance teacher began. I realized that we needed more spaces for women to let their hair down and move freely in their bodies. It was the movement that would allow us to make changes in our lives from a place of love vs. self-loathing.  We had our first class, the women loved it and the rest is history.


I am taking you on this sojourn to Brazil to learn a three key pleasure lessons:


  • Awakening Your Sexy : How To Reduce Stress & Harness Your Confidence

  • The Art of Enticement : Seduction, Desire & Getting What You Want When You Want

  • The Art of Body Worship:  Creating A Loving Relationship To Your Body No Matter What


Our retreat will be a mixture of sensual mastery workshops, cultural immersion, adventure, play and rest. In addition to our actual sojourn you will have the opportunity to connect with your new sisterhood in our private community : OHYES! Sex Mastery. This community will give you a year of access to the Reclaiming Your Sexy classes live in Chicago & online studio, private coaching, monthly masterclasses with experts in the field of sensuality, sexuality, women’s health and more.  


I’m so looking forward to you joining me for this experience.

With love,


Next February we will be venturing to Brazil, my second home in my heart, for a ridiculous carnival Brazil celebration and sensual mastery experience. This guided trip will be a sojourn through the rich history and culture of Rio De Janerio and Salvador De Bahia, Brazil. More details will be released April 2nd 2017.


🔥 Depart To Rio Feb 8th 2017
🔥 Arrive in Rio Feb 9th 2017
🔥 Carnival Experience + Sensual Mastery Immersion Pt 1 Feb 9th 13th 2017

🔥 Depart To Bahia February 14th 2017
🔥 Arrive in Bahia February 14th 2017
🔥 Culture + Sensual Mastery Immersion Pt 2 Feb 14th-18th 2017
🔥 Depart Home February 19th 2017

What's Included In The Cost of The Experience: 
🔥 Round trip Flight* (Economy Seating) 
🔥  Hotel Accommodations Feb 9th-Feb 19th 2017 Rio + Bahia

- Rate listed below is for Shared room. If you would like to upgrade you can arrange this directly with our Travel agent.  

🔥 Continental Breakfast & Dinner Daily 2/9-2/19
🔥Airpass between Rio De Janerio & Salvador De Bahia

🔥 Ground Transportation During All Excursions + Activities
🔥 All Sensual Mastery Group Workshops
🔥 One year of access to the OHYES! Orgasmic Sex Mastery
🔥 One year of Striptease & Floorwork Classes Complimentary Online Studio
🔥 Rio De Janerio Guided City Tour
🔥Bahia Guided City Tour
🔥 Travel Agent Booking & Emergency Contact for all flight and hotel related incidents
🔥Film Producer Credit for Upcoming Webseries "Sex Is A God Thing". 

Not Included:

✔Flight changes and cancellations
✔Flight upgrades
✔Purchases on flight
✔Shopping Expenses During Touring Activities
✔ Alcoholic Beverages
✔ Daily Lunch
✔ Room Service
✔ In room charges

About Our Hotel Accommodations:

9th-14 February 2018: 4 nights, 5 days

Windsor Excelsior 4*

The Windsor Excelsior Hotel is located in the very best area of Copacabana, enjoys an oceanfront view, and is one of the most elegant hotels in Rio de Janeiro. Elegance and comfort are paramount in each of the hotel’s 233 rooms and suites. If you search quality and good service, the Windsor Excelsior Hotel is an excellent choice. The view from the rooms is a special show – no comments. Not to mention the breakfast included in the rate, which is an attack on any diet. Simply irresistible.

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Reclaiming Your Sexy Mastery Retreat - Bali, Indonesia
4:30pm 4:30pm

Reclaiming Your Sexy Mastery Retreat - Bali, Indonesia

Mastery Retreat Details: 

  • Bali, Indonesia

  • Arrive July 15th & Depart July 20th 2018

What's Included In The Cost of The Experience: 

  • Shared Housing For 6 Days, 5 Nights.

  • Welcome Family Dinner - Restaurant TBA

  • Three Meals Per Day 

  • (3) Half-Day Sensual Moving Meditation & Sensual Embodiment Intensives 10-3 PM

  • Departure Family Dinner

  • Beach Boudoir Shoot with IamKiam Studios


  • Two One Hour Coaching Sessions via Skype/Google Hangout (Value $997)

You are more than welcome to invite your partner to join you for this experience.   We will have an optional couple's only sensuality coure


Not Included:

  • Flights

  • Flight upgrades, changes or cancellations

  • Cultural Excursions Package

  • Purchases on flight

  • Shopping Expenses During Touring Activities

  • Alcoholic Beverages

  • Room Service

  • In room charges


Day 1 : July 15th 2018

*Arrive & Check-in*
Downtime to rest and play

Welcome Dinner/Meet & Greet 7:00-12:00

Day 2 : July 16th 2018

Reclaiming Your Sexy Pt 1: 10:00 - 3:00 PM
Lunch Break 3:00-4:00 PM

Rest, Play & Integration Time

Day 3: July 17th 2018

  • Optional Cultural Excursion Day or
    Rest, Play & Integration Time

Day 4: July 18th 2018

Reclaiming Your Sexy Pt 2 : 10:00-3:00 PM

Lunch Break 3:00-4:00 PM

Rest, Play & Integration Time

Day 5: July 19th  2018

Reclaiming Your Sexy Pt 3 : 10:00-3:00 PM

*Light Snacks will be provided*

Boudoir Photo Session

Farewell Family Dinner

Day 6 : July 20th 2018
Depart Home

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