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One Day Live Intensives Are Being Held In The Following Cities: 

Oakland January 20th 10-6 pm

Los Angeles January 21st 10-6 pm 

New York March 11th 10-6 pm 

Ft. Lauderdale June 9th 10-6 pm 

Atlanta,GA June 10th 10-6 pm 

Paris, France September 8th  10-6pm

Toronto, CA September 30th 10-6 pm 


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Tell me this have you ever...

Been intimate with your love/partner and as things got hotter felt yourself shut down or get distracted because you felt uncomfortable with them really seeing certain parts of your body? You want to have your 50 Shades of Grey moment with them but you can’t seem to get past taking off your tshirt while you’re having sex.

Or maybe

You’ve been giving it a go with this whole online dating thing, matching a lot with folks on tinder but you meet an asshat of a date and you're tired of being in this cycle. You’re wondering if you  will you be alone forever.

Or perhaps...

You’re planning a beach vacay with your girls to Miami. You’re desperate for this downtime but you know you’ll probably hang back from going swimming and just watch the stuff because you’re really comfortable taking off your cover up let alone putting on that swimsuit that you purchased like 5 years ago.  You want to have your own Ashley Graham, super model in a string bikini walking down the beach moment but you settle for sitting under the beach umbrella reading the next Sylvia Day book.  

Or maybe you've even

been a relationship for awhile and while things started off really great somewhere along the way things changed drastically. You’ve lost your desire for sex with them due to the stress and pain of the relationship. You’ve had issues with them making comments about your body changing and looking less appealing to them. You’re struggling with how to accept yourself and also stay in the relationship. You’re tired of the weight emotionally and physically and just want to feel like your old self again. You’re wondering how you even ended up in this place to begin with.


And I'm sure we all can relate to this one. You're fucking tired and drained. And you feel like all you do is give give give. You want to wake up feeling joyful and perky to start the day. Hell, even if you don't feel perky you just want to feel purposeful. Like your life is actually moving in the direction that you desire. You're tired of wondering if this is all life has to offer.

If any of the above scenarios resonated with you then you're in the right place. 

I know that you want to feel sexy, alive and confident in your body and you're tired of the invasive self-doubt and self-criticism that seems to always hinder you from getting out of your head. 

You might think feeling sexy is just something other people get to feel or that it's such a distant ideal but I want you to know that it's not. You can get out of your head, feel sexy and confident in the body that you have right now. 

This is why I created the "Reclaiming Your Sexy" Sensuality Intensive to give you a safe space (without judgement) to let your guard down, reshape the way that you see you approach your sensuality and provide you with practical tools for feeling more confident and sexier than you've ever felt before. 


Reclaiming Your Sexy is a sensuality course designed to help you come back home to your most vibrant and joyful self.  We are redefining what it truly means to embody sexiness. Being truly sexy is not about your hair, your clothes, your size or weight, how often you workout, whether you have a partner or not. Your Sexy is measured by your vibrancy and joy. Your sexy is measured by your courage and boldness.

Reclaiming Your Sexy is a one day live intensive dedicated to helping you have more confidence & better sex.Through meditation,dance,reflection and discussion you’ll learn practical tools you need to stop the self-critical (or negative) thoughts,  create a loving and sensual relationship with your body and re-emerge back into your life feeling more grounded, more alive and more powerful.  


After The Reclaiming Your Sexy Intensive you will feel confident, strong and sexy. No more falling into the rabbit hole of self-doubt and confusion. No more feeling like you have to settle for love interests that don't value you as a whole person. No more hiding behind baggy clothes and one pieces when you really want to show off your body. No more hiding your body in the darkness during sex. No more staying in relationships that violate your boundaries because you will finally not just know your power but feel a visceral connection to your vibrancy.

Listen I know you've probably tried many things before to boost your confidence.You've read the books, you've prayed, you've chanted, you've tried to ignore the situation altogether. You went to that Pole dance class on a whim with your friends and left crying when it was over. You've tried the lingerie and the God how many times can you count that you've made a resolution to diet. And none of it has worked or given you the feeling that you were voraciously searching for. 

Let me tell you why those things didn't work. You were missing a piece of the puzzle. 

Positive thinking, spiritual tools and chanting only goes so far if you can't get your body to feel the weight of the positive thoughts/affirmations as much as it holds the negative.

Pole dancing without the mental reframes around your body image and your sexuality don't work because you need understand the intention behind the movement in order for it to go deeper. That sexy routine is great until you forget the srteps later. You need to know how to feel sexy when the steps have faded in your memory. Don't get me wrong I love a good dance class but they are best for maintence after you've gottent to the core of the problem. 

The Reclaiming Your Sexy Intensive  is the missing puzzle piece to really taking back your confidence in your body. It's the bridge in between positive thinking/spiritual advice and taking the sexy dance class. Because it gives you both.

The Reclaiming Your Sexy Intensive Will

  • Get You  Out Of Your Head

  • Release Stress & Tension 

  • Bring loving attention to your body

  • Create a safe space for you to see your life in a new light

  • Safe space for you to strip (literally and figuratively) back the stories and the memories that you've been holding that prevent you from really seeing yourself completely. 

  • Gives you the practical tools that you need to conquer self-doubt, criticism and disconnection in your day to day life so you can not only feel sexy while you're moving but you feel that power in your day to day life. 

What makes this workshop different from other personal development workshops?

This course is specifically designed with the feminine soul in mind. We take time for discussion and theory but we make plenty of space for visceral integration through pleasure. 


Why Should You Work With Me?


I've been working with women around body confidence and embracing their sexuality without shame for almost a decade now. In addition to my work as a sensuality coach I have been training and performing in a variety style of dance for over 20 years. My life has been dedicated to a love of movement, creative expression and using dance a vehicle to heal. 

I've also been where you're at. In every scenario listed. I have struggled through times where I didn't feel like my body was lovable. I have been in a relationship where my boundaries were being violated and I didn't know how to speak up fro myself. I have been the person hiding their body behind big clothes and/or feeling like my body shouldn't be seen because my stomach wasn't flat or I had stretch marks on my arms. And I got to a point in each of those experiences where I deccided enough was enough. I know that's why you're here right now too. You're tired of settling for not feeling good. You're tired of seeing everyone else as sexy and yourself as just not. You want to feel that thrill and that excitement of your own vibrancy. And so did I. So I stopped watiing for permission. I broke the rules that I had trapped under so that I could really live. 

I wore the bikini

I had sex in the window - hell on the balcony

I took myself out of that relationship that didn't honor my body

I only took on lovers that adored and worshipped my body

I celebrated and came back home to myself

And I want the same experience for you and so much more!



Why you should do this now

I know you are struggling to feel really good in your body right now but what I need you to know is that you're not alone in that feeling and that there is more to life than this. You can feel sexy, alive and vibrant in the body that you have right now. Yes,  I mean that in the body that you have right now. Not after losing weight. Not after finding someone to love you. Not after having someone else affirm you as beautiful. No after making some drastic change. It is possible for you to feel sexy, alive and vibrant in your body right now. 

By signing up together we will strip back the layers of inhibition that prevent you from seeing just how breathtaking you truly are and get you on track with practical tools to help you reconnect to this sacred truth each and every day.


Client Testimonials

Sometimes in life you have experiences that you didn't realize you needed. When I say needed I mean you left the place or situation feeling changed, different or stronger. This was the case for me after the reclaiming your sexy retreat. I cried, laughed, danced and took back apart of me that was lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I'm normally a mom, wife, daughter, friend, social worker, but that night I was an empowered and sexy woman. It was a spiritual encounter! Something comparable to church in that you need to regularly be fed to stay full. If I was able I would make this a weekly occurrence. Thank you Rashida for allowing us to be ourselves safely and learn things about our capabilities we may not have learned otherwise.


“I have to tell you this. Woke up next to my man this morning. I took EVERYTHING OFF...made love, and laid there with not even a blanket....this is BIG...I am usually so quick to cover my body, but I still felt myself on a high from last night and all I heard was revel in the moment! I did just that...”

— - Anonymous

“ The class was awesome for getting me out of my head.”

— C.

“Rashi is AMAZING! I had a private session with her and I have NEVER felt so comfortable in my skin”

— L



The Reclaiming Your Sexy Sojourn Details


One Day Live In-Person Sensuality Workshop

  • (1) one day (8 hr) live in-person intensives in the city of your choice which include a mix of meditation, dance, reflection prompts and discussions rooted in practical spiritual tools you can use to make massive changes in your life. Intensives include light bites, snacks and beverages throughout the experience. All intensives are kept under 24 participants for intimacy and comfort. Registered Participants are able to purchase spots in additional workshops for $175 if space is available.

    One Day Live Intensives Are Being Held In The Following Cities: 

    • Oakland January 20th 10-6 pm

    • Los Angeles January 21st 10-6 pm 

    • New York March 11th 10-6 pm 

    • Ft. Lauderdale June 9th 10-6 pm 

    • Atlanta,GA June 10th 10-6 pm 

    • Paris, France September 8th  10-6pm

    • Toronto, CA September 30th 10-6 pm 




Terms & Conditions  

  • All workshops are limited to 24 students

  • Questions? Don't hesistate to contact me at

  • There are absolutely no refunds for any reason. 

  • If you would like to transfer your ticket to another city there is an admin fee of $150 when cancellation is sent via email 48 hours prior to workshop or $200 after the deadline

  • Workshop locations are sent to registered guests only 1 week prior to the date of the experience

  • Extreme weather conditions will result in a postponed workshop for a later date in the year. There are no refunds due to extreme weather conditions. 

  • All participants must arrive to workshop no later than 15 minutes after start time. No one will be admitted after. There are no refunds due to lack of attendance.