Reclaiming Your Sexy is a sensuality course designed to help you come back home to your most vibrant and joyful self.  We are redefining what it truly means to embody sexiness. Being sexy is not about your hair, your clothes, your size or weight, how often you workout, whether you have a partner or not. Your Sexy is measured by your vibrancy and joy. Your sexy is measured by your courage and boldness. 

In this full day (8 hr) workshop we spend time exploring embodying our sensuality through:

  • moving meditation

  • personal reflection & group discussion 

  • striptease & floorwork choreography  

Who is this space for?

  • This is a safe spaces for all bodies.

  • A safe sanctuary for Black & Brown women and our Allies.

  • This is a home for Queer women + femmes who need to reconnect back to the divinity of our sexuality in a world that claims the way we love is invalid.

  • This is a place of rest, rejuvenation and community for us all. 

What makes this workshop different from other personal development and sensual dance workshops?

My focus on your liberation and not your technique.

If you're looking to come perfect certain movements or solely learn to dance this is not the experience for you. My workshops are dedicated to giving you a safe space to explore your sensual spectrum through movement. We learn choreography but at the end I always say "Fuck The Steps" and dance from your heart.

Listen I know you've probably tried many things before to boost your confidence. You've read the books, you've prayed, you've chanted, you've tried to ignore the situation altogether. You went to that Pole dance class on a whim with your friends and left crying when it was over. You've tried the lingerie. Only God knows many times can you count that you've made a resolution to diet. And none of it has worked or given you the feeling that you were voraciously searching for. 

Let me tell you why those things didn't work. You were missing a piece of the puzzle. 

Positive thinking, spiritual tools and chanting only go so far if you can't get your body *to feel* the weight of the positive thoughts/affirmations as much as it holds the negative ones.

Pole dancing without the mental re-frames around your body image and your sexuality don't work because you need understand the intention behind the movement in order for it to go deeper. That sexy routine is great until you forget the steps later. You need to know how to feel sexy when the steps have faded in your memory. Don't get me wrong I love a good dance class but they are best for maintenance after you've gone to the core of the problem. 

The Reclaiming Your Sexy Intensive  is the missing puzzle piece to coming back home to your most vibrant and joyful self.

No more falling into the rabbit hole of self-doubt and confusion. No more feeling like you have to settle for love interests that don't value you as a whole person. No more hiding behind baggy clothes and one pieces when you really want to show off your body. No more hiding your body in the darkness during sex. No more staying in relationships that violate your boundaries because you will finally not just know your power but feel a visceral connection to your vibrancy.


The Reclaiming Your Sexy Sojourn Includes:


  • A one day (8 hr) live in-person intensive which includes a mix of meditation, dance, reflection prompts and discussions rooted in practical spiritual tools you can use to make massive changes in your life. Intensives include light bites, snacks and beverages throughout the experience.



BUNDLE $99! (1).png
  • Joy Booster : A Six Video Dance/Movement Instruction Series (Value $150)

  • 30 Days To Feeling Confident In The Body You Have Right Now (Valeu $39)

  • 30 Days of Sensual Prompts To Help You Reconnect To Your Body (Value $20)

  • Dancing Through The Storm - A Guide To Letting Yourself Fall Apart Instead of Pretending Everything Is Fine (Value $40)

  • Body Confidence For Better Sex - 4 Part Audio Class ( Value $297)

  • Forgiveness & Ecstasy - Ebook (Value $40)


Investment for the Reclaiming Your Sexy workshop is $375. Payment plans are available. Please see available options at checkout.







Please Note: 

  • There are absolutely no refunds for any reason. 

  • During the full day workshop we will break for lunch midday 30-45 minutes. Lunch will not be provided during the session. I am suggesting that everyone bring lunch to the workshop so we can continue to fellowship over the break. 

  • If you would like to transfer your ticket to another city there is an admin fee of $150 when cancellation is sent via email 48 hours prior to workshop or $200 after the deadline

  • Workshop locations are sent to registered guests only 1 week prior to the date of the experience

  • Extreme weather conditions will result in a postponed workshop for a later date in the year. There are no refunds due to extreme weather conditions. 

  • All participants must arrive to workshop no later than 15 minutes after start time. No one will be admitted after. There are no refunds due to lack of attendance. 

Questions? Don't hesistate to contact me at info@rashidak.com