( 6 Part Video Series) The Joy Booster Moving Meditation Series


( 6 Part Video Series) The Joy Booster Moving Meditation Series


Have you ever just felt so completely and utterly wiped out from the rip and run of your daily life that you just wanted to give up? 

Have you ever felt drained and overwhelmed by everyone needing something from you and feeling like no one ever paid attention to what you might need?

Lesson #1 The Joy Booster of The Movement Rx Studio is designed to help you reconnect to that confident and vibrant woman within that feels well taken of within her life.

In this digital class you get: 

  • The Introduction To Movement As A Self-Care or Prescription 
  • Guided Breath-work Session & Visualization Meditation 
  • Mini Workshop : Practical Tools For Integrating Self-Care Into Your Daily Life 
  • (4) Movement Practice Videos (10-20 Minutes) 
  • Demo Video Linking All of The Movement Practices Together Into One Routine
  • Guided Journal Prompt & Reflection Guide
  • Recipe A Delicious Sensual Self-Care Practice
    • These practices range from homemade spa goods, home decor setup, food recipes and more. All designed to bring a sense of goodness and aliveness into your home sanctuary. 
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