Body Confidence For Better Sex - A 4 Week Online Group Coaching Course (November 8th-29th 2017)

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Body Confidence For Better Sex - A 4 Week Online Group Coaching Course (November 8th-29th 2017)



I created this online group coaching class because I have received a number of emails from women who have a desire to feel more uninhibited in their bodies during intimacy. Unfortuantely because they aren't feeling connected to their bodies they are facing a number of experiences: 

Turning down sex with their partner frequently
Feeling the tension and disconnect due to lack of intimacy
Not wanting to have sex with the lights on
Constantly in their head during sex and not able to climax or enjoy the experience
Afraid that if something doesn't change quickly that they run the risk of losing their partner. 

When we have stress in our relationship at home it can create a domino effect of stress in other areas of our lives. When home feels like a sanctuary we just function better and happier.  

And I know it took a lot of courage for these women to actually speak up about this concern.  Often times focusing energy on our sex lives is deemed as frivolous but I know that it's about the sex but also so much more! 

The sex is symbolic of the intimacy, connection, security and love that these women desire to experience in their lives. So when it seems like there's a threat to that they are willing to do whatever it takes to course correct. 

Listen, I have been in body jail when it comes to my sex life and it's not fun at all. Most of all it's disheartneing because you just wnat to experience pleasure and connection with this person that you're building your life with and not feel like you're obsessing about your thighs or stretch marks while trying to make love. 

That's why I created this four week group coaching course : Body Confidence For BetterSex.  And I would love to have you join me! 

When you register you'll get access to my
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  • 30 Days To Falling in Love with Your Curves - Guide ($39)
  • Not Dying in The Disappointments - Coaching Class ($25)
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  • Joy Booster - The Six Video Series Moving Meditation Class ($150) 
  • BONUS : 4 Week Group Coaching Class November 8th-29th 2017 (Recordings Available for Those Who Cannot Make it Live)  ($297)

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