Reclaiming Your Sexy Intro Workshop: Awakening Your Sensuality

Workshop Tour 2017

Photo by Joshua Esmanuel David Slater

Photo by Joshua Esmanuel David Slater

The Reclaiming Your Sexy Method is an approach to seduction and sensual embodiment created by Rashida KhanBey. The method is designed to help you have more confidence, better love and mind blowing sex.

The Reclaiming Your Sexy Intro Workshop : Awakening Your Sensuality will Focus on Three Topics Over The Course of The Day:

  • How To Shamelessly Feel Sexy & Alive in The Body You Have Right Now
  • How To Awaken Your Seductive Energy without Shame or Inhibition
  • How To Surrender & Stop Holding Onto Your Past

This Workshop is For You If:

  • You've been feeling uncomfortable in your body like to the point where you hide behind baggy clothes, stop putting yourself out there when it comes to dating, refuse sex with the lights on or only wear your tshirt. You've never experienced the magic of your body being praised and you know in your heart it's time to change.
  • You're uncertain of how to connect to yourself or your partner sexually without feeling timid or inhibited. You want to be able to try new positions, ask for what you want or just switch up the energy for a change. Maybe you're tired of the shame and you want not to feel weird/guilty about your owning your pleasure in bed. You need to get around ingrained sexual shame and fear from your upbringing or past relationships.
  • You're tired. Like not like I need a twenty minute nap tired but tired on a soul level. You've been wading through hard transitions of grief whether from deaths in your family or circle of friends, relationships ending, new discoveries of betrayal, health challenges or other major life "wtf" moments. Your light feels like it's gone. You know you're not the same woman anymore but you don't know what to do to call back that best part of yourself. You know that you can't keep moving forward like this.

If any or all of the above resonated with you then I want you to join me for the Reclaiming Your Sexy full day intensive. The experience combines sensual moving meditation/dance (think yoga & praise dance but sexier), Striptease (strip totally optional) and physical storytelling to help you reclaim your shameless. Seductive and Surrendered self.

When you leave this intro workshop you will feel:

  • More sensually connected and alive to your body as she is right now
  • An unwavering sense of your strength,purpose and confidence
  • The opposite of numbness

You will walk away from this intro workshop with:

  • Practical tools to kick self-doubt and negative self-talk on a daily basis
  • 10 Minute Sensual Moving Meditation Routine Recorded For Daily Use
  • One Erotic Dance Routine to Reawaken Your Sexy, Seductive and Divine Feminine Energy
  • Intimacy Exercises You Can Use At Home with Yourself or a Partner For Deeper Connection, More Trust and Unforgettable Love Making

The Intensive 5 Hrs with a 20 Minute Break. Light Refreshments included.

Please note that there are no refunds, no exchanges, no transfers for any reason whatsoever.  The only refunds will be offered in the case that the workshop is cancelled due to low registration. 

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