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(Online & Live in Chicago)

When was the last time you felt well taken care of on all levels?

When was the last time you didn't feel like you were constantly pouring into other people only to feel drained, tired and sometimes unappreciated when you were no longer "needed"?

When was the last time that you just did something just for you and your own well being?


Short Story: 

I remember going wig shopping with one of my spiritual mothers awhile back. She wanted a new wig just because it made her feel good and sassy. I love wig shopping so I was totally up for the adventure. She contemplated between three wigs. Money wasn't a concern at the moment. But I remember the moment when she told herself to not over indulge because she could make due with just getting one wig. I looked at her and said "well of course it's your choice what you purchase but you don't always have to wait until you're in need desperately to go and do something good for yourself. It's okay to just have it before the need arises".

Something about that moment really stuck with me. It was a moment of remembering that our self-care cannot always be reactive to life's circumstances. If we're always waiting until we are on our last leg, the self-care at this point isn't even just to fill us up, it's to make sure that we don't "die" in so many words. That is considered a crisis and self-care is meant to be more routine/consistent maintenence that we tend to several times throughout the week. 


Many women have come through my coaching practice because they are:

  • Completely drained
  • Disconnected from their sense of self & power
  • Feeling like people are walking all over them
  • Tired from their intimate relationships not feeling reciprocated or healthy
  • Not recognizing themselves in the mirror whether it's weight gain, changes to their skin, the life or spark in their eyes is just gone completely
  • They feel like they are standing on the outside of their bodies looking in waiting for the next thing
  • So overwhelmed the thought of even starting to get back into their self-care practice because it's been so long since they just thought about themselves
  • Sexually starving. Sex is possibly on the table in their dating life or relationship but it's most often not fulfilling
  • They can't seem to find that passion in their work anymore and it's disturbing because they know they have a greater purpose


Does this resonate with you?


My Story

I totally understand and I want you to know that you are not alone in those feelings. I was at a point within the last year where I felt completely wiped out.  My Father passed. My Fiance ended our engagement.  I was experiencing major body image issues. I was tired on a soul level and I really didn't know where to turn. It felt like for many months my spirit was slowly leaving my body because all of the life was completely faded from my eyes.  I made a commitment to myself that with all of this devastation I had to figure out a way to enjoy life again. I pushed myself forward in a way that I never had before. I made space for myself to grieve but I also made space for myself to find the pleasure that I needed becuase I was starved on every level. And I will not sit here and tell you that i've got it all worked out and perfect and that's that. That's not why I teach this work.  I believe we end up teaching the things with the most vigor that we struggle the most to learn. Why? Because when we step in front of our students or clients we understand the learning curve viscerally and have the capacity to hold space for you as you wrestle through the valley and the mountaintop of the sojourn. I love to teach this work. I love to see the cycle of revelation that something needs to teach and watch a client do the work to transform and embody a new lifestyle. I bring the lessons I learn from my own life with rawness, honesty and truth because I feel you will learn best not just from my success stories but also from the moments where I didn't have it together or where I stumbled. This is not about perfection, it's about devotion. 


 Self-care is not a destination, it's a lifestyle choice. It's a commitment to finding your pleasure and your juiciness. It's a commitment to doing whatever it takes to feel good because life is too good to continue letting the days just pass you by. Self-care is a commitment to not die while you are still fully alive. 


Every Thursday night I welcome a group of beautiful femme souls into a safe space where we allow ourselves the time to slow down, tune into our deepest desires, reconnect to our bodies and just let go. It's the commitment and devotion that they've made to this space that has made drastic shfits in their lives. 

In our space you'll be taken on a journey through sensual dance and moving meditation to help you slow down and reconnect to your body and desires. I share a short reflection + prompt for the week to help you focus your self-care practice. And you get the opportunity to connect with other like minded souls who are fiercely commited to living a juicy and well-fed life. 


This intro class is an opportunity for you to get a glimpse into our SAVOR-ing practice and to decide whether you would like to make a commitment to the space as well before you make the full investment. If you decide you would like to join the cost of your intro class is deducted from the cost of your full 8 week package or first month of your monthly membership. 

The cost of the intro class is $75

Upcoming Class Dates: 

  • Thursday June 15th 2017 (Live in Chicago Class)
  • Tuesday June 20th 2017  (Online Class)
  • Thursday June 22nd 2017 (Live in Chicago Class)

There are no refunds, exchanges or transfers allowed for this experience at all. Questions email