SAVOR is your weekly self-care + sensual embodiment escape. 

The SAVOR experience combines striptease, sensual floorwork and seduction training to help femme souls remember that audacious + confident part of themselves through awakening their sensuality.

I look at SAVOR as a radical spiritual practice. Esentially when we take the time out to care for ourselves we are allowing ourselves to SAVOR pleasure.

We are filling up before it becomes an emergency that we stop and recharge.

We are being diligent about making our aliveness a priority so that we operate at our best in our day to day lives.

SAVOR gives you a safe and non-judgemental sapce to learn practical and low intensity sensual movements you can do at home to start/end your day feeling connected to your body.

These movements help to:

  • increase your flexibility
  • build physical strength
  • increase endurance
  • decrease stress & tension
  • increase libido & sensual body confidence

After class not only will you feel more confident in your skin and stronger in your body but you'll feel more of a sensitivity and openness to your own pleasure that you'll have much more satisfying sex.

Our goals for the class are simple:

  • To bring loving attention to parts of your body where you feel self-conscious
  • Drop your inhibitions and get out of your head even just for a few hours each week
  • Create a space where you can recharge your battery mentally, spiritually and physically consistently
  • Finally learn an erotic dance routine that will reconnect you to that powerful Goddess like energy

What does the SAVOR experience Include:

  • Intimate Class Setting
  • 2-3 Hour Movement Experience
  • Weekly Class Prep Email with suggested costumes pieces & props to bring to enhance your experience
  • Guided Journal Prompts & Reflection
  • 10 Minute Recorded Sensual Moving Meditation Ritual
  • Intention Reflection with Practical Tools On How To Embody The Lesson From Class Sent Post Class
  • Graduation Ceremony & Class for Fellow Femme Soul Friends (Every 8 Weeks) - Pass & Monthly Membership Only Clients

Investment Options

  • Six Week Package : $350
  • Monthly Membership with One Year Contract 


Class will be held:

  • Regular Weekly Sessions: Thursday nights 8:00-10:00 PM 
  • Dance Center Chicago // 3868 N. Lincoln Ave


Terms & Conditions

  1. Your deposit + all amounts paid towards your registration are non-refundable.

  2. If you find that you are unable to complete the course at this time you will be credited the amount paid towards your account and it can be used towards a different program date or experience.

  3. The value of the course may change. If the cost increases you will be credited the amount paid (for classes not taken) towards the cost of enrolling in a new series or programs. Deposits and registrations are non-transferrable to other students

  4. There are no refunds or exchanges on the purchase of series for any reason


Release of Liability & Non-Disclosure

1. By submitting payment you agree to release, Rashida KhanBey and all staff or comanpanies in affiliation or collaboration with her in the execution and creation of the SAVOR class from all Liability.

2.. By submitting you agree to keep the information shared in class by Rashida KhanBey, Guest Teachers and Fellow Students private.