Do You Want to Create Your Own Workshop Tour For Your Dance/Movement Practice?

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Are you considering creating a workshop or class tour for your dance/movement or yoga practice?

Two things I learned touring this year:

1. You do not have to try to go everywhere. That's impossible and draining and expensive for no reason. I almost started to add even more cities to next year's tour to meet the different requests. I got tired just thinking about always being away from or leaving home. Also, just the stress of having to create/recreate a mobile team in every city is exilhirating but also draining. When considering creating a tour of any kind you have to think about the type of lifestyle that you are wanting for yourself long term. Are you wanting a family? Do you want to live in one place and travel with your family? Do you want to have a home practice? Do you desire to only teach indepth workshops vs. regular technique classes? Are you comfortable being away from home or always leaving home? Do you have parents that you want to be available for? Do you have the internal structure to handle the logistics of a multi-city tour? Do you have someone that can handle your bookings and travel details? Who will help you when you get to your tour city? Do you have relationships in that city that you can continue to nurture in order to get leads for your experience? All things to consider as you are building your practice.

2. People who want to work with you will make a way to come to the closest city to them. I didn't think that was possible but the women in these workshops this year have blown my heart and all the possibilities wide open for me. When you connect deeply to your message your people will show up. There is more than enough business to go around. Especially when you stop trying to do someone else's gift. Your gift is not the technique/method, your gift is your story and being able to find the courage to connect to that story so you can help others is where all the magic happens.

Next year with the exception of my 3 day intensives planned for Atlanta, Paris & Toronto the rest of my workshops will be cycle hosted between Chicago, New York and SF/Oakland. It has been a long dream of mine to work between these three major cities and calling Chicago home for my private practice. I'm excited to not just tour but to start to expand my team in these spaces so we can truly have an impact on the lives of folks who sign up for this experience. In addition to the 3 day intensives all of my teacher trainings will be hosted for 7 days in Chicago. With the exception of Feb & July there will be a teacher training for an intimate group of folks every month.

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Photo by IamKiam Studios