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Got up early yesterday morning to cook for this new love of mine before leaving for Atltana. It's been quite some time since I had the energy or the opportunity to love on someone like this. After work we came back in with the house smelling like heaven before I left for the airport. No better feeling than them recounting how good my greens were the next day. I also made my johnny cakes with honey instead of sugar and fye that's all I can say. 😍🔥💜🔥❤😍 #reclaimingyoursexy



One of the best things I did for myself this year was to actually date and not just fall into a new relationship.

I have often been the person that went from one relationship to the next without solo time or time learning what I wanted better or evolved in the next relationship. That lack of quality time in between relationships meant I often made the same mistakes in my new partnership.

When a relationship ends you have to do what feels best for you in terms of putting yourself back on the scene or not. There is no wrong way to go about your healing (obviously unless you're putting yourself or others in harms way).

One thing I can't recommend enough is giving yourself the opportunity to date for pleasure, fun, joy and exploration. Date multiple people. Stretch yourself in terms of how you flirt, planning dates and learning about your body, your needs and desires. Take that time to grow. Whatever that means for you.

When the best or most aligned partner, for this part of your journey, does show up you'll feel an overwhelming power in the fact that you chose them and didn't just take it/get comfortable b/c they were the first/next person to express interest. Go get what you want not just what you can get. #reclaimingyoursexy

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