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3 Non-Palatable Truths About Body Confidence #ReclaimingYourSexy


We can't talk about body confidence without talking about the ways in which we actually protect our bodies.

How can you feel confident in something that you feel like you can't protect?

Well, I guess we can but the conversation stays on the surface of being desirable

 Being desirable is great but I'm more invested in penetrating the doubt/criticism/shame that prevents us from believing that we are worthy of exisiting/thriving in these bodies.

Who teaches us how to protect our bodies?

Who teaches us that we are worthy of protecting?

Who teaches us that we don't have to just "take it"?

Who teaches us that it's okay to fight back?

I wholeheartedly stand on the belief that if someone violates your physical safety you have every right, on heaven and earth, to kill them.

I'm invested in women having that level of body confidence and connection to their worth.



Body confidence isn't really about just being able to wear a Bikini or getting a "beach body" (whatever tf that is). Body confidence is more about navigating feeling worthy within a society that thinks that we are worthless. Skinny, slimthick, curvy, fat all of us have to navigate trauma and violence at some point. Varying degrees and experiences? Oh hell Yes. None the less we are all searching for some level of security and assurance that our existence matters in these bodies that we live in right now.


Teach your daughters that if someone:

touches them inappropriately
or violates their physical safety in any way whatsover


aim to kill first and call you second.

Remind them that you will ALWAYS believe them no matter what.

Let them know they have an ally in you and then DO YOUR PART.


This world believes that our bodies are just dumping grounds for carelessness and violence. You have to instill in them that the world's got it all fucked up. Teach them that they have every right to protect their being/body without fear or shame.

And for some of ya'll this means honoring that your mothers got it wrong when they refused to believe or protect you.