BodyWorship™ : My New Online Sensual Dance Studio Now Open

My loves! 

I'm kind of in shock that I am even writing you this email. Well!  My online studio BodyWorship is now officially open. 

I created BodyWorship
 to guide you in reconnecting back to your body every month so you can feel more uninhibited, more confident and more sexy! BodyWorship is an opportunity for you to carve out 30-45 minutes every week or 15-20 minutes every day just to enjoy and indulge in the power of sensual erotic movement. 

I designed these classes each month intentionally to last less than 45 minutes. I understand first hand how hard it can be to find the time and space at home to just devote to any type of practice. I promise you that if you commit to moving regularly the results will blow your mind. 

As I have recommitted to my own at-home practice I've found throughout my day that I am : 

More at ease
More productive & focused
I feel more in body and open to receive
Less stressed & physically tense
Feeling sexier & more open during intimacy
and more...

For Cyber Monday Only I am offering this membership for
$199.95/year or $29.95/month-to-month

Looking forward to having you on the dance floor! 

with love,