Hey! My name is Rashida KhanBey (Rashi), I am a Women's Sensuality Coach, Motivational Speaker, Writer & Filmmaker.  My work is dedicated to helping women tap into their sensuality so they can have more confidence, better sex and unapologetic joy in their lives. 

What does our sensuality have to do with our joy? 

To be sensual or to experience your sensuality means to be able to feel without obstruction. When we aren't able to feel we are living in numbness. And when we are living in numbness we are disconnected from our confidence to show up in the world, our passion for living and the joy that makes life feel good day to day.  Our sensuality is all about the practice of creating pleasure and it  has many layers. Our sensuality combines the way we feel about and live in our bodies, the way we experience sex,  how we connect to others in relationship and also how we care for ourselves. 

When you are tapped into your sensuality, you're intentional about creating your life and your happiness. 

How can awakening my sensuality change in my life?

Well, being connected to your sensuality has many benefits from improving your health, to rekindling the passion in your marriage, to strengthening your confidence to speak up for your desires, healing past heartbreak and/or trauma,  to helping you fall in love with your body, to finding the right romantic partner, to creating financial abundance and stability and giving you a sense of unending adventure in your life.

The question is what do you want to change?

Where are you tired of living in numbness? The path to creating that for yourself starts with awakening your connection to your personal power, your sensuality.

How did I start doing this work?

In college I completed my second study abroad to Salvador De Bahia, Brazil. I had been dancing pretty much all of my life but my relationship to my body was always kind of off. I was always told that I needed to be smaller, so in some ways I adopted this belief system as true and spent a lot of time trying to hide or prove that I was good enough even though my body was not small. Going to Brazil I had heard a lot about the "Brazilian Bikini". I decided this would be my first time wearing one on the beach in Bahia. I had never worn a Bikini a day in my life. I was always stacked very voluptuous breasts, hips and a soft belly.  I was nervous but I felt like there was something good on the other side of facing this challenge. And I was in a space where no one I knew could try to talk me out of it. Finally I rocked my Bikini walking down Praia Do Forte' beach in Bahia and I felt like a Goddess. It was all yellow, my hair was flowing and the sun was bright. I just really felt like I was in ownership of how I presented my body for once and I felt unapologetically sexy. To top off all this glory and confidence that I felt on my own this man stopped his entire soccer game to bow at my feet. He kept gesturing to my hips asking me if I was a Bahian (meaning from Bahia). When I looked around at the women in the country many of them looked like me. Their bodies resembled my body. And there was no shame about not being small. I went on for the rest of my trip embracing this new found confidence and eventually came back to home to create a dance class to help other women access that same feeling of goodness in their bodies. Every class centered around us stopping the cycle of self-loathing and use our movement as a vehicle to feeling more confident in our bodies and lives. I haven't looked back since.

My work to this day still holds to the same intention.

When we awaken our sensuality we take back our lives. 

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Photo by Sheena LaShay Young

Photo by Sheena LaShay Young