Hey!  Thank you for joining me here. My name is Rashida KhanBey. I am a Women's Sacred Sensuality Coach, Speaker & Writer. My mission is to help people reclaim the untamed self so we can enjoy sex + the expression of our sensuality without shame or inhibition

The way that we relate to our sexuality impacts the way that we own our power in every aspect of our lives . When we are disconnected from our sexuality, we are ultimately disconnected from our greatest internal source of Divine power. I have found in my work that many people disconnect from their sexuality out of culturally re-enforced stigma, shame and mis-education. My intention is that through my work I will help people break out of that prison of numbness and lack of ecstasy so they can truly experience pleasure in their daily lives. 


Why is this work so important to me?

When I came out as a Lesbian at 15 I knew that I was doing something courageous but I didn't know what type of journey it would take me on in the coming years. My family initially was not supportive and actually felt hurt by what they considered to be a "choice" to lead an "alternative lifestyle". As a same gender loving woman those terms got thrown around a lot and it was painful for me. Somehow at my young age I knew that not owning my sexuality as it was would be detrimental and I'd rather make the choice to struggle to figure out how to thrive as my authentic self vs. die having lived a lie. I also grew up in a unapologetically Christian home and to throw an even greater monkey wrench in the mix my Father was Muslim. This as you can image created a very interesting dynamic for this teenager who was discovering that she was same gender loving.

During college I could feel myself losing my relationship + connection to God which was really important to me so I went looking for God outside of the traditional box. I explored everything from Buddihism to Tantra to Santeria to Unitarism.  It was when I found myself in an erotic dance class + eventually leading these classes myself that I found my relationship with God again. Moving my and honoring my body, allowing it to speak, giving myself the space to express the pain and the desire in my heart through movement brought me to a life changing place. My relationship with God stopped being religious and became visceral.

I slowly started drifting back to my roots in Christianity but I needed a teacher who could really help me break down the text so I wouldn't keep running by what I saw on the surface. Two years ago I was brought into a new church family where I met my now Pastor. It was in this church home that I learned to deepen my personal relationship with God and to finally put down the anxiety of defending myself being same-gender loving and Christian. It was in this space that I found unconditional love and really began to articulate the connection between our relationship with our sexuality and our relationship to God from the Christian perspective.


My signature coaching program is called "Reclaiming Your Sexy™: The Sensuality School For Women"

The method is based on the idea that : 

Sex should be fun, sheet clinching, toe curling and deeply bonding experience. Getting out of heads means letting go of shame + self-consciousness which ultimately means more orgasms, more confidence and more authority.

We have to release the past pain in order to reach new levels of ecstasy with our partners or attract partners who will best serve our untamed self. 

Our bodies are sacred temples of worship. They are beautiful as they are right now. They do not need to be fixed but adored and worshipped. Our bodies serve as a vessel to experience earth shattering pleasure.